Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Best Adjective for Sarah Palin's Speech


You could also say that at times it was mean-spirited, vindictive, effective, energizing, petty and even cruel. But it was, at all points, small.

It was small when she denigrated community organizing as a worthless pursuit, an especially egregious maneuver considering the GOP's emphasis on "service." It was small when she mocked Obama as a man without accomplishments or worth. It was small when she gave in to that most atavistic conservative inclination and excoriated the press for asking questions about her.

It is, to be sure, unfair to single out Palin. (Wouldn't want to be accused of sexism) Wednesday night at the Republican convention was all about small. It was all about sarcasm, scorn, mockery.

And it is, to be sure, unfair to single out Wednesday night. The Republican presidential campaign has centered around the excessive use of sarcasm as a political weapon. The campaign has been about sinking claws into Barack Obama and dragging him down into the muck. It has been about trying to make sure no Democrat feels good about their allegiance.

McCain/Palin: Hope Is For Losers.

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