Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Programming Note

Should tomorrow's debate go on as scheduled (and that's still my prediction), I'll live blog the event here at Distressed Reporter. Should McCain decide not to attend and the debate becomes some kind of Lehrer-Obama interview or a standard town hall meeting, I'll post some reaction and attempts at analysis.

As I said, I expect McCain to attend. One thing to keep in mind: whatever McCain's motives for suspending his campaign and calling for the debate to be postponed, if he does show up and argue with Obama, he'll be facing remarkably low expectations. After all, Obama had a couple days of intense debate prep. McCain decided against those sessions, and then valiantly took himself off the trail so he could return to Washington whatever it is he's supposed to be doing up there.

As a result, if he shows up, debates respectably and doesn't trip over the microphone cord, he's going to get the benefit of the doubt. On the flip side, Obama, who insisted on the debate, will be expected to show something spectacular.

I definitely won't go so far as to allege that this whole operation was an elaborate attempt at lowering expectations for Friday. That's absurdly Machiavellian. But it is a pleasant side benefit.

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